AH so cute!!!!

My Copyright Battles

These cute little pigs were snapped on May 28 2007 near Zillebeke, Belgium.

Little did they know that before long they would be well travelled and appearing on websites all over the world, including;

As of 4th February 2013 the current count of duplicate images is 109 (including a link to my original image on Flickr) and many of those are foreign language websites.

I have already tackled unauthorised image use in;

Country  Result
Australia Image Removed – No Fee
USA Image Removed – No Fee
Unknown WebSite Closed – No Fee
Canada Image Replaced – No Fee
South Africa Page Removed – No Fee
Ireland Page Removed – Fee Paid
Singapore Image Removed – Fee Paid
USA Agreed Image Credit Added – No Fee

I am currently in the process of contacting the following websites to agree a satisfactory…

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