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Carnival-MagicCarnival has been coming in reallll hot lately. Two cruise ships in a month have been turned to shit (literally). Ships barely working and people just chilling in the middle of the ocean. Sounds like a blast.

After hearing these stories, that raised the question: how much would you have to be paid to go on a Carnival cruise?

I’m at the point where even if they gave me a free 7 day cruise with free airfare to get there, I think I’d pass. The thought of being stuck on a giant boat with the fattest people in America and their kids might as well be hell on earth. However, if they said alcohol was included…I’m there. That is literally the only way you can cope with anything on a cruise, let alone a cruise that isn’t moving…or overflowing with shit.

So yeah, I’m all set with going on a…

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