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Carnival-MagicCarnival has been coming in reallll hot lately. Two cruise ships in a month have been turned to shit (literally). Ships barely working and people just chilling in the middle of the ocean. Sounds like a blast.

After hearing these stories, that raised the question: how much would you have to be paid to go on a Carnival cruise?

I’m at the point where even if they gave me a free 7 day cruise with free airfare to get there, I think I’d pass. The thought of being stuck on a giant boat with the fattest people in America and their kids might as well be hell on earth. However, if they said alcohol was included…I’m there. That is literally the only way you can cope with anything on a cruise, let alone a cruise that isn’t moving…or overflowing with shit.

So yeah, I’m all set with going on a…

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This is really scary, I wouldn’t want to go on a cruise after these ships getting stuck.

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) – A pair of Carnival Cruise Lines ships will be out of service longer than expected.

On Tuesday the Miami-based cruise line announced that the Carnival Triumph, which was crippled by an engine fire in the Gulf of Mexico last month leaving 4,200 people stranded for five days, will be out of service longer than initially expected.

The Triumph is now set to return to service June 13th. Because of the extended maintenance and repair period, an additional 10 cruises will be canceled. Guests on the affected voyages will receive a full refund, reimbursement for non-refundable transportation costs and a 25 percent discount on a future four- to- five-day cruise.

Also, the Carnival Sunshine, which is undergoing a scheduled full-ship makeover, will return to service May 5, following the cancellation of two European cruises.

The cruise line says it’s improving hotel services that can run on emergency power…

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this is a good idea!

GreenHawks Media

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I love traveling to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney World and Universal Studios over spring break. This year I noticed something that made me love the theme parks even more. Their commitment to sustainability and going green was apparent everywhere you looked.

The first park I went to was Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you haven’t been, it’s like a giant zoo with a Mount Everest-themed roller coaster, water rides and a daily parade of your favorite Disney characters. One of the main goals of the park is conservation. In the back of the park is a large wildlife preservation that is home to lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles as well as many other African animals. You can go on a “safari” through the preservation, and the “tour guide” explains the how many species like the white rhino have been hunted for their ivory tusks and how Disney’s wildlife conservation…

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this is funny because people always instagram a picture of their food before they eat it

Cereal with a Fork

Cereal with a Fork

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this looks cool!